2. Various shots from late last year. 2013.

  3. Waterfall in Laos.  I swam in that beautiful pool at the bottom.  A wee house and garden along the riverside in Hue, Vietnam.


  4. ghostsandonionskins:

    Woke last night, shotgun in a civic
    poison in my veins, friends all around
    rubber dragging metal holding people over asphalt
    steel against my heel to stop it dragging on the ground

    lights to keep us going, lights to slow us down
    stores on every corner just like…

  5. Bangkok night-time. Some pics from Soy Cowboy and Nana Plaza where we stayed. Night time is very colourful in Bangkok.  The heavy showers enhance this colour and everything glistens and reflects.  I hope to go back there sometime.

  6. Bangkok at night.

  7. Some from Ho Chi Minh.  My son is living there now.  I wish I had had the courage to take my camera out more often in this ever moving, ever living, ever awake city and not let the words of the fearful sway me. I will go back.

  10. I loved the results in this book printed by Couture Books for a recent wedding I did.  Cristian and Sam had a wonderful day and it really shows in these pics.